Self Care Shortcuts

So some of you may have caught my last post with ideas for spontaneous self-care. It was all about finding ways to quickly center ourselves throughout the day which, as a mom, is so important. But if you’re feeling that special New Year EXTRA energy and pushing towards more in-depth self care, these are for you.  They take a little planning ahead of time, but will up your chances of choosing quality self care vs cheap self-medicating or mental escapes.

Schedule a weekly YOU time. This is all about cutting out the mental work of coordination and planning. Set a recurring appointment with yourself for a couple hours a week, maybe an evening on a weekday. If you can make this a rhythm, I guarantee it will help you feel more balanced. Even just knowing you have this set time for you to do whatever it is you want to do can lighten the load. It also helps set expectations for the spouse and kids, as well as demonstrates healthy habits for them in a tangible way.

Sync your calendar with your spouse’s This is for when you DO schedule in that YOU time, you can avoid the multiple conversations, reminders and coordinating kid hand-offs. (Ok let’s be real, this may cut those conversations in half, but 2 is better than 4 amiright?) There are some great apps out there you can try like Cozi which is amazing, or just sync up your basic google or iPhone calendars.

Wear your workout clothes to bed 
I love this one, coming from one of the original Moyo-ers. With four kids at home and full-time work as a law professor, this woman KNEW how to squeeze every last drop out of the day. She reasoned that working out was so energizing for her at the beginning of the day, but the main barrier was getting up out of bed. Wearing her workout clothes at bedtime cut out one less step in the morning and gave her that extra boost to get up out of bed and onto the treadmill. Mama don’t play.

Get a workout buddy  This is a surefire way to jump start your workout regimen in the New Year, even if it’s been non-existent since, say, last January.  Having a buddy is HUGE for multiple reasons- it’s built in accountability, it makes it more fun to workout AND you might even get some adult conversation in! Win win win! To really make it work, try carpooling to a nearby gym, community center or park.  The responsibility of picking someone up is motivation in itself, and the closeness of location will help cut out extra time (and excuses). If you’re not sure if you can find a buddy, it’s ok. The truth is, most people probably need the accountability as much as you, so come up with a list of a few people and just ask!

Have a designated space for your creative projects  
If you’re a creative like me, making things with your hands is life-giving, even if no one will ever see it. So designate a space that is your spot for creating. This can be tucked away at a desk, or if you’re limited with space like I am, keep some supplies in a tray you can pull out quickly. You want to be able to sit down, get a little artistic action in when the mood strikes, then walk away when the kids need their bums wiped. Because, REAL LIFE.

Here is my tray with a few of my doodles just in the last couple weeks in between my daily tasks

Try a guided meditation app  Quieting our minds can be nearly impossible, especially if you’re a stay at home parent who’s unending daily tasks are constantly staring you in the face.  I’ve found an app that is a quick go-to when I’m out walking with the baby in the stroller or even when I’m having a hard time falling asleep at night.  It’s called Stop, Think & Breathe and you can customize the different meditations based on how you’re feeling at the moment. Easy, now get your calm ON.

Download audiobooks to your phone This a super simple one, but can be a game changer for those mindless tasks around the house. Look up a few books you would find life-giving. I highly recommend comedy to get you through those tougher days. (I just finished listening to Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess and Moxie and cried tears of laughter many times. 😂) Then purchase the audiobooks through or your library may even have the audio version you can check out.  Once you have a couple downloaded, you’re set. Get a quick listen while you commute to work, do laundry, dishes or maybe even when driving in the car and the kids are rapid fire asking questions like:

“Who decided purple was the color of royalty?”

“Who invented words?”

“Why is sugar so so yummy?”

“Why does that lady look so crumbly like all over her skin?”

“When will it all end, like, everything? Will it be darkness forever?”

These are REAL questions my kids ask me and they will not take “I don’t know” for an answer. So sometimes mommy has to “listen to a voicemail” for the ten minute drive home from school. Do you what you need to do.

Ok mamas, that’s all I’ve got for you today. What would you add to this list? Books you enjoy? Workout tips? Let us know!


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